You have 30 seconds to sell your business.

You need to make your opening punchy so it grabs your audience. You want them to want to find out more. You need to make it informative, persuasive maybe. You’re not sure how much you need to write.

What is the most important thing to say? What does your target market want to know? What keywords do you need to include?

Hire a copywriter and take that worry off your mind.

Whatever it is you need written, whether it is a press release, or an advert, or content for your website, hire a copywriter to do it for you.

Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are rarely forgiven by critical customers looking for the best service. They stand out from a mile away and will put off potential customers if you don’t look professional.

Copywriters are skilled writers who have a natural flair for creating informative, attention grabbing content. With a brief and a bit of research, they will know what to say, how much they need to say, and how best to sell your business.

For a relatively small amount of money, you can ensure every page of your website has engaging and well communicated content, turning those hits into paying customers. Neither will it cost much to have a press release written that promotes the success of your company to a mass audience. Whatever it is that you’re after, negotiable rates are available to meet the needs and the budget of your business.

So you’ve decided on hiring a copywriter. Why choose Tash?

Tash is a versatile writer, having written for law firms, entertainment websites and TV presenters. She is a fast learner and immerses herself in her subject so she really understands her topic. She is highly creative, and gets a buzz when she produces an exciting copy. Not only does she have the skills of a great writer, but she has the qualifications too, having obtained a degree in English and Creative Writing. 

Your’s is an important job. What experience does she have?

    • She has experience in writing and proof reading websites, while ensuring that they are optimised for search engines (SEO).
    • She has written commercial blogs for a variety of firms.
    • She has experience writing scripts for presenters of an online music channel.
    • She has written job adverts for a variety of roles.
    • She has experience producing text for a variety of leaflets and posters.
    • She has experience in writing short, engaging tweets and posts for social media.
    • She has written longer, critical academic essays.
    • In her spare time, she enjoys writing short stories and fiction and writes blog posts for a mental health support group.

Who You Gonna Call?

Contact Tash today to discuss your project, by calling 07814438858 or emailing tash.berb@outlook.com.